Friday, March 28, 2014

Ordinary Release

I am writing this here because it will be a mouthful on Facebook. I never keep up with this blog. First I said Ordinary would be out last Fall. Then it was early 2014. Then March.

I expected to have Ordinary out by now.

I wasn't expecting everything that would happen over the past 9 months. A very trying pregnancy, deaths in the family, health problems, possibility of a sick baby, blood pressure, etc etc etc.

Life got in the way.

I've been disappointed in myself for awhile now, mad that I haven't released the book. But my health has been bad and I've been trying to take care of myself and the baby. In the past few weeks I've been battling high blood pressure. If you've ever experience blood pressure issues, whether in pregnancy or not, you understand how crappy it can make you feel.

Severe headaches that can't be controlled with medicine. Dizziness. Blurred vision. Nausea.

It makes it hard to work. The only cure for my blood pressure is to lay on my left side and drink water. Well, there isn't much I can do from being flat on my left side besides watch TV, sleep, and maybe prop my Kindle to read.

All that being said.

Ordinary will be released.... drum roll please....


Covers are not my strong suit. I'm sure a publishing house would tear me to pieces. But really, all you care about is what's after the cover, am I right?!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Forget Me

I should have written this post weeks ago, but anytime I sit down near my keyboard I am writing somewhere more important. And I'd think you agree. ;)

Better late than never....

Forget Me

A synopsis is always really hard for me to write. I know they are necessary, especially if you want people to buy your book, but I never want to give much away! Now, what I write below will not be the official synopsis you will read on Amazon.

"I don't care if this is bound to have a bad ending. The beginning feels good enough to be worth it."

Forget Me is a first person, present tense story told by Jane, a cafe waitress in the coast town of Hampton Harbor, Maine. Jane finds herself in the care of a loving old couple after she wakes up in their home one evening, void of all memories. With the help of the couple, she decides to let her memories return on their own. She starts to work in their cafe, and it's there that she meets Will.

Will Davey. A gorgeous, kind local who helps run his parents marina.

Against their better judgement, Will and Jane dive head first into a relationship. What will happen when Jane's memories return, and she learns not only who she is, but what she has left behind?

Sunday, April 14, 2013


It is time to get back into the swing of things! After the release of Rogue I took an entire week to clean and organize my house, and I'm still not done. We've been here for 4 years and haven't purged once, so we are gearing up for a big garage sale.

Okay, enough of the boring personal information.

So what are my future book plans?

To start, I completed my first draft of the "adult" romance I'm releasing by June 1st.

When I say adult, I do not mean smut. I'll put that out there clearly. I say adult because the characters are mid-twenties and there are sexual themes and mild language. Since Exceptional is a YA book, I want to make sure I clear the air there so readers do not go into my story expecting a YA romance.

The title is Forget Me, and I'm working on a cover.

As for the Exceptional series, the third book will be called Ordinary. I have the outline DONE and I've already started the first draft. When I finished Rogue, the progression into the third and final book felt easy so my ideas are flowing quickly. The other day I sat down and wrote 10,000 words. To give you an idea, an average YA adult novel is 70-100K words. My goal for a release is end of summer, beginning of fall... and I am sticking with that! I was LOVE to see AUGUST in front of the release date. :)

I think the layout of the third book will throw you for a loop, but it will be good. I promise.

THANK YOU for everyone who has read Rogue and is giving it rave reviews. The best way to get the news out about the Exceptional series is to tell your friends, review it on Amazon and Goodreads, and share it on FB. You are all so amazing!